Feeling isolated due to hearing loss?

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Angela Batini, M.S. Audiology in Redding: Your Partners in Restoring Your Hearing

Do you dread noisy restaurants because you can’t hear your partner across the table? Are you constantly turning up the volume? You may already need hearing aids and not realize it.

Hearing loss can sneak up on you and can affect your quality of life in subtle ways.

  • You’re not able to make out certain voices clearly.
  • You feel fatigued in spite of getting enough rest, or left out even when you’re with friends.
  • You don’t enjoy movies anymore because you miss lines critical to the plot.
  • You go out less often because it’s just too hard to communicate in a crowd.

Hearing loss can feel isolating. Over time it also affects your mental acuity. 

The good news is that treating your hearing loss can reverse many of these issues. In fact, studies show that hearing aids can help restore cognitive function, improve depression and other side effects caused by hearing loss.

Angela Batini, M.S., CCC-A, FAAA, Audiologist
Angela Batini, M.S., CCC-A, FAAA, Audiologist

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Hear Every Word with a Little Help From Our Audiologists

With a comprehensive hearing evaluation we’ll be able to identify the best hearing loss treatment for your lifestyle and level of hearing. 

Stop struggling to hear your friends, the cashier, and the television.

We’ve helped people just like you restore their hearing and reconnect to the world around them.

Do you need to drown out background noise so you can hear at work?

Do you need hearing aids to loop into a theater or house of worship’s sound system?

Are you looking for a discreet hearing aid that no one will notice?

Mixed race couple walking on beach and enjoying life despite having hearing loss.

Why Redding Loves Angela Batini, M.S. Audiology

  • We’re not happy unless you are.
  • Restoring hearing is our mission.
  • Our comprehensive hearing tests will uncover the best solutions for you.
  • We have affordable hearing aids for all types of hearing loss and lifestyles.
  • We’ll program and fit your hearing aids for maximum comfort.
  • We offer custom solutions including custom molds.

Our clients are our first priority.

Pediatric Audiologist In Redding

Your child’s hearing is fundamental to their ability to learn and communicate with others.

At Angela Batini, M.S. Audiology, we provide specialized hearing testing for children to help identify any hearing loss early. We will recommend pediatric hearing testing depending on your child’s age and cognitive abilities.

Call or text us to schedule a pediatric hearing screening.

A toddler having hearing tested in a hearing booth.